Flue gas heat recovery units

In the modern era, industries have been playing a vital role in the livelihood of mankind, and nobody can deny overwhelming benefits offered by our industries. They have made our lives simpler, more comfortable and reduced our problems to a great extent. But every good thing comes with some drawbacks! Today, industries generate a huge amount of wasted energy in the form of flue gases that has become the primary focus in recent few years. These flue gases are a source of wasted energy that can be harvested and used to heat both offices and private homes. To harness this wasted energy for useful purposes, efforts are made since years using waste heat recovery techniques. However, flue gas recovery systems have played a primary role in that purpose.

What is flue gas?

Flue gas is a mixture of gases that is the byproduct of combustion, exhausting gases from ovens, boilers, furnaces, fireplaces and steam generators, vehicle exhaust and wood fires. These gases are typically discharged through pipes called flues. Combustion of petroleum products in large industries like gas and oil industries generate a large amount of hot flue gases.

Flue Gas Heat Recovery System

Heat is recovered from the flue gases that are vented through the boiler with the help of specially designed Flue Gas Heat Recovery unit. The efficacy of the boilers are increased with the help of this system. The heat recovery system is either installed or attached to the top of the boiler to harvest the excess energy.

How does a heat exchanger work?

The boiler containing a heat exchanger – or heat recovery system prevent the excess heat / energy from escaping into the air and re-using this energy productively. The boilers with a heat recovery unit forces the flue gases to be converted into hot water. During this process, the boiler recycles the heat that is released into hot water. The hot water can then be used for heating purposes, cleaning – or reused in the production. The system simply recovered waste heat to pre-heat cold water that is entered to the boiler. Through this process, the amount of energy to provide you the hot water up to the optimal level is considerably reduced.

Benefits of a heat exchanger system

There are potential benefits of using waste heat recovery in your industries, home, factories etc.

  • The functioning of boilers is made more efficient with the use of this system.
  • The heat energy of flue gases is captured and recycled for useful purposes rather than escaping in the air from chimney or flue.
  • Prevents harmful gases from polluting the environment and saves it from global warming.
  • It can be attached to the existing boiler, so there’s nothing to worry if you don’t have a built-in boiler with a plate heat exchanger
  • It requires just a few days to fit in flue gas heat recovery system by the expert heating engineer. Hence, it’s not a time-consuming procedure.
  • It helps you save your money on energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of your existing boiler.
  • No pricy and extensive procedures are required for the maintenance. It needs little maintenance over time, and no mains electricity is required.
  • It can help you cut your boiler’s water usage up to 6% with the help of combining numerous renewable technologies.

If you don’t want to waste the heat coming out of your boiler’s flue and utilize them in more productive ways, don’t miss out on installing flue gas heat recovery systems. Many manufacturing companies are providing these systems and installation services. However, if you are located in the UK, the best, durable and quality units are available by Exodraf. This company is famous for its tremendous services and abundant competences. You will be impressed by their durable products and quality services.

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