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Eating Around Gatwick – Three Restaurants To Excite Your Palate

If you’ve got some time after your Reading To Gatwick Airport Transfers to the airport, here are three dining places you should check out.

f you’re travelling into the UK capital, chances are you’ll arrive and depart from Gatwick airport. Transfers to and from the city centre are fast and convenient and it’s London’s second busiest airport after Heathrow.

If you’ve got some time to spare on your return Gatwick airport transfers, or if you’re staying around the immediate area in transit, you may want to try these three places for some excellent cuisine.

Home-cooked Meal at Gravetye Manor

Not too far from the airport (about 12 miles), you’ll find a place where you can relax and enjoy a sophisticated meal. Gravetye Manor is pretty popular among locals and tourists alike—those who try it once always seem to come back for more, and one look at the menu explains why. Its garden lunches are perfect if you’ve arrived at the airport around mid-day, and the four-course dinners are superb. Gravetye Manor is proud of the fact that more than ninety per cent of its ingredients is home-grown, which also explains the seasonal nature of its menu. One important reminder, though: given the popularity of this place, it is essential to make reservations in advance to ensure a table.

Amazing Takeaway Breakfast at the Cowdray

Just off the B2036 is a place called the Cowdray – and its reputation as a fantastic deviation on your Gatwick airport transfers is legendary! The Cowdray takes pride in its hearty, freshly made meals carefully prepared and cooked using only produce and food sourced locally. This stands testament to the fact that when they say the food is fresh, they mean it! The Cowdray is quite famous for its takeaway breakfast, which is something that is not actually common in the few miles around the airport. The servings are huge and it’s absolutely worth stopping off for 15 minutes to grab one. Of course, it also serves sit-down breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a well-priced children’s special on Sunday evenings.

Well-rounded Family Fun at the Air Balloon

If you arrange your Gatwick airport transfers for a couple of hours before your flight, the Air Balloon is a great place to relax children (and parents) before a long-haul journey. It has a great, fun ambience and a wide array of menu choices designed for the whole family. Located only a couple of miles from the airport, the Air Balloon takes pride in its season-sensitive menu: depending on the time of year, the restaurant’s scrumptious offerings highlight the best produce from local sources. What’s more, Air Balloon is known for its promotions and two-for-one deals, such as the popular ‘buy two glasses of wine and get the rest of the bottle free’ promo, or its free dessert for kids for every meal. Special deals crop up regularlyFree Web Content, so make sure to ask about them upon arrival.

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